Thursday, September 8, 2011

Two Voices

So there are "two voices" in each of our heads. The "gut voice", the inner instinct that we can actually feel, follow and that will truly never steer us wrong. Then there is the second voice or the mind voice that talks non stop on just about anything, keeping us from peace and quiet. 

When we are completely minding our own business, this mind voice says things like, "I can go for an extra cookie." "I really want some chocolate." Then we eat, do (insert your own element here) quieting that mind voice. BUT, this same mind voice, once we complete (insert your own element here) then states, "why did you do that?!" "You shouldn't have done (xy&z)." 

I ask you this...If this mind voice had a physical body, and you called it friend, would you put up with it? If not, why do you put up with it now? When your mind voice starts up...silence it by visioning static, similar to radio static, to interfere with its nonsensical message. Practice this and you will only here your logical, gut response and yes it will be quiet. 
Good luck!