Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mindfulness, "TAKE ONE"

In the world as we know it today, most people live in a constant frenzy.  Do you ever feel like you are racing through your days with out any control over your environment?  Ask yourself what are the repeated "things to do" statements that flood your brain?  How many activities have you signed your children up for after school?  How many things are you doing today that you do NOT want to do, REALLY do not want to do?  Be honest with yourself.  Are these "things" enhancing your family and you as an individual or are they depleting your energy and steering you from your family values?  Are you the one dictating your schedule of "things to do" or is the schedule dictating to you?  Do you even recognize that it should be the other way around?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


When you understand how your ego "protects" you, you are then able to decipher why it "protects" you from your own truth.  At that point you can see that your ego isn't protecting you at all.   It's potentially causing you more harm and making it more difficult to evolve into the person you want to be.

Our ego likes things just as they are.  If you are attempting to free yourself from a self fulfilling prophecy and keep getting stuck.  No matter what you try, that same brick wall keeps showing up.  It isn't you that is holding you's your ego.