Wednesday, December 12, 2012

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mother Nature knows best....

Does anyone else feel like nature is forcing us to get back to basics?  As "SANDY" knocks on the door of the East Coast, with people still feeling the effects of "IRENE", these epic storms and other natural disasters forces everyone to stop.  Simply stop....take stock in what we have and reconnect with who we are.....Our social media, smart phones, all modern day conveniences keep us from connecting on a deep level, the only level that matters, with what is most important, our inner core (soul) and those that we love.  As horrible as everyone remembers last OCT. was, I also remember comments from people enjoying their time with their families surrounded by candle light and lanterns, "camping out" in their homes, playing board games, catching up on sleep, simply being.  
Maybe, just maybe if we governed ourselves a bit more with (critical thinking, independent thought, etc.) guarded our thoughts and judgements and became disciplined enough to have solid, healthy boundaries as to how we live our lives, Mother Nature wouldn't have the need to step in and "slap us" out of our disconnected trance of life.  Another school of thought is that our collective trance is actually creating these storms.  Food for thought and can be discussed at another time.....
Regardless of the cause, I am sending positive intentions for all of us to find the silver lining in what is to be the result where "SANDY" is concerned.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Optimism vs. Pessimism

A repetitive theme is surfacing in my coaching sessions for some of you.  The theme is the nature of optimism vs. pessimism rather positive vs. negative or even more so victim vs. conscious creator.  I thought I'd share below with everyone with the intention that it can help us all.

You've heard me mention before that we create our environment whether we put ourselves in a prison of negativity, blaming others and not taking responsibility of our own actions OR we create an environment of positive energy, shifting our thoughts to support that notion/truth that anything is possible when we are mindful of our actions.

We have a choice.  Every moment is a clean slate to learn and grow and become the person we are meant to be. Every moment is an opportunity to practice a lifestyle of well-being in the purest sense of the word covering every aspect of our lives.  As you know, this has an overall effect on everything we do. Everything, from work related initiatives to personal ones.

Below is a helpful tip to dislodge us from a disempowering pattern.

The difference between Optimism and Pessimism is really quite simple. It’s all about our frame of reference to the world.

     In any given moment we either choose to be a victim or we choose to be conscious creator. 
  • One strategy is to practice noticing when we are on cruise control heading into a victim frame of mind.
     So how do we catch ourselves heading toward the land of poor me?

     If you find yourself:
  • complaining
  • criticizing
  • blaming
  • gossiping and 
  • comparing
you can be pretty sure you’re camped out in Victimhood—the unhappiest, powerless place on Earth.

  •      Get off at the next exit by asking yourself this: “What do I want?”
    Victims consistently focus on all the things that are wrong in their lives including the people they live, work or share breathing space with, which is really just a reflection of all their inner judgements.  The conscious creator gets crystal clear on what she/he wants.

     So, what do you want?

Mindfully Yours,

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wellness Programs: Are You Throwing Spaghetti?

The National Association of Insurance Professionals asked me to write an article for their readers regarding wellness programs.  I collaborated with Brian Passon, President - Arch Health & Productivity.

Click on the link below and enjoy!