Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mindfulness, "TAKE ONE"

In the world as we know it today, most people live in a constant frenzy.  Do you ever feel like you are racing through your days with out any control over your environment?  Ask yourself what are the repeated "things to do" statements that flood your brain?  How many activities have you signed your children up for after school?  How many things are you doing today that you do NOT want to do, REALLY do not want to do?  Be honest with yourself.  Are these "things" enhancing your family and you as an individual or are they depleting your energy and steering you from your family values?  Are you the one dictating your schedule of "things to do" or is the schedule dictating to you?  Do you even recognize that it should be the other way around?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


When you understand how your ego "protects" you, you are then able to decipher why it "protects" you from your own truth.  At that point you can see that your ego isn't protecting you at all.   It's potentially causing you more harm and making it more difficult to evolve into the person you want to be.

Our ego likes things just as they are.  If you are attempting to free yourself from a self fulfilling prophecy and keep getting stuck.  No matter what you try, that same brick wall keeps showing up.  It isn't you that is holding you's your ego.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Human size Hobbit House

I am in love with this idea.  Talk about your sustainable living options.  This now, is on my bucket list.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pilot or Passenger...YOU decide.

Most would agree that we all have some negative behavioral patterns and systems that have been downloaded from our primary care givers to us in our formative years.  In many cases we've become automatic, operating on a familiar reactionary cycle of behaviors and habits without awareness that there is a different way of living our lives.  Research has shown that 95% of our behaviors and core beliefs are part of our pre programmed infrastructure which places us on an auto pilot of sorts, but on who's plane?  Rarely do we bare witness to these behavior patterns which ultimately keeps us in a reactionary cycle.  If an individual does happen to get a glimpse of their ground hog like "flight" pattern, our ego steps in the way in hopes to prevent any changes because our ego likes things just the way they are.  (That's a whole other story...and one for another article.)
Recognition that you have conducted yourself on the download of other people's beliefs is a first step toward awareness and provides an opportunity to change the pre programmed patterns that can cause chaos and stress in one's home and work life.  More importantly it offers up the notion to forgive yourself and those that you have daily interactions with who seemingly operate under the similar invisible behavioral programs that have been passed on to them.

If you desire a new way of operating, a new flight pattern, where confidence and peace replaces confusion and lack of self acceptance, where indecisiveness is replaced by conviction:  you owe it to yourself to connect with the inner core of who you are.  You deserve to explore your options with a partner whom you can trust to help you hold yourself accountable and assist you with creating a new life story of who you want to be and how you want to live your life.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Two Voices

So there are "two voices" in each of our heads. The "gut voice", the inner instinct that we can actually feel, follow and that will truly never steer us wrong. Then there is the second voice or the mind voice that talks non stop on just about anything, keeping us from peace and quiet. 

When we are completely minding our own business, this mind voice says things like, "I can go for an extra cookie." "I really want some chocolate." Then we eat, do (insert your own element here) quieting that mind voice. BUT, this same mind voice, once we complete (insert your own element here) then states, "why did you do that?!" "You shouldn't have done (xy&z)." 

I ask you this...If this mind voice had a physical body, and you called it friend, would you put up with it? If not, why do you put up with it now? When your mind voice starts up...silence it by visioning static, similar to radio static, to interfere with its nonsensical message. Practice this and you will only here your logical, gut response and yes it will be quiet. 
Good luck!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Release and Receive

I had some interesting conversations yesterday with friends who are high level professionals in different industries and was blown away by the amount of low self esteem, guilt, shame and fear they were carrying on their backs.  I was shocked because one would never know that they, of all people, had such feelings. 

Release these negative feelings and fears....for every situation is a learning experience, not a failure. Stop assuming that you are the cause of someone else's discomfort.  You are only powerful in your own experience, never someone else's. Dictate to yourself the person that you wish to be in every moment and enjoy the beauty of release and the joy of ease today. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Feel, Trust and Act

When my daughter was still “cooking” in my belly, I would say to her, “one thing that I want to teach you, it is to FEEL, TRUST and ACT on your gut instinct.”  I am a firm believer that when we center ourselves, listen to and act on our own instinct, then we will be in alignment and on track to lead a happy, stress free life.  It took me years to actually practice my own advice because I was too preoccupied with keeping my, at the time, fragile inner ME together.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Two Choices

I was in the bank drive thru, at lunch time, today.  I felt lucky because no one was in line before me and I Knew I would be in and out.  I turned my car off and took my sun glasses off, like I normally do, simply to be polite.

The teller and I greeted one another, he took my information and he said that he would "be right back."  I was waiting for less than 30 seconds, when a woman pulled in back of me.  No big deal, right?  Maybe another minute went by, when the woman revved her engine, put her car in reverse, and made her tires squeal as she drove up along side of me yelling expletive language.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

size 16, and migraines, and heartburn Oh My! by Pamela Horton

Five years ago, I was a size 16 and suffered from debilitating migraines and heartburn.  Pepcid and Imitrex were a norm for me.  Like many of you,  I was under a great deal of stress, for a number of reasons.  The main reason was that I had just lost my Mom to colon cancer.  It was her second battle with the disease in 8 years.  

I was confused as to why my maternal grandparents lived well into their ninety's while my Mom barely made it to age 68.  Why did my mother suffer and die from such an awful disease while my grandparents passed quietly of, well, old age?  My mother also battled with her weight over the years.  What was different?  I knew the answers, intuitively.  The real question quickly became, "Was I prepared to acknowledge the differences and be disciplined enough to make the necessary changes?"

Sunday, May 29, 2011

How many minutes a day do you hear quiet?

Driving the other afternoon, I passed a junior high school that had just dismissed the students for the day.  As I drove by the "walkers" I couldn't help notice that each student, boy and girl, had some device that their eyes were glued to. They were totally absent from their surroundings.  Of course my brain took itself on a journey wondering how often these young adolescents miss an opportunity to just be in their own company and observe their surroundings.  Hence my question to you....How many minutes a day do you hear quiet?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mainstream Media Finally Acknowledging College Bubble

NIA, National Inflation Association, believes the U.S. government needs to end all financial aid to students immediately. There is nothing in the U.S. constitution that authorizes the U.S. government to be in the student loan business. If there were no government student loans and grants, all Americans would be able to afford college and the quality of education would be far superior to what it is today.

Memorial Day weekend

I am grateful for the real meaning behind our cookouts, get togethers and long weekend. Thank you to all those who have served and are serving our country. Thank you for the sacrifices you and your families have made.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Why I wanted to blog.

My name is Pamela Horton.  I am a straightforward, no nonsense, very creative and persistent woman, wife and mother.  I practice being the best person I can be on a daily basis.   Sometimes I excel at it.  Other times I bomb at it.  This post is to provide you with a snippet of why I want to blog in a world where it seems that everyone has a blog and is an author &/or a motivational speaker.  I feel compelled to share tidbits of what I've learned along the road of life with respect to personal development.

I want to blog because I see so many people separated from who they really are.   Many people seem to no longer hear their inner voice.  One's inner voice is what can keep a person on the tracks of joy and bliss.  It is this disconnection that I am passionately driven to offer examples on how to listen to your gut instinct and to act on it.  It is my belief that without a connection to your inner core, you can experience more grief and unhappiness which develops into painful patterns.  I want to help people shed these painful patterns.   I teach a combination of smoking cessation and lifestyle classes to the employees of CT employers.  Much to my pleasurable surprise, the participants and I connect on a pure and unmasked level.  I find the classes incredibly satisfying and inspirational, especially when I think of the rare and meaningful moments, the moments when someone has an A Ha, clarifying realization.  My heart warms when I can actually feel their relief and witness birth to their mini break throughs.  I think authoring my own blog is a perfect arena for me to journal and share inspirational food for thought.  It helps me determine whether I imagine my passion and ability to inspire others or if it is real.  If it is real, what are my next steps?
I am a woman who has experience in matters of freeing myself from the shackles of what some identify baggage, painful baggage.  My hope is to influence an individual with whom I would not normally have the opportunity to “meet” if it weren’t for this venue.  I wish to inspire someone who is ready, much in the same way I was, to stop defending against perceived attacks, deflecting the truth of a matter and dismissing the real YOU.  I want to be of service to and surround myself with those who seek a truthful, loving, peaceful, joyous and the best possible life experience.  I am ready when YOU are.

 I am so looking forward to sharing with and learning about YOU.  Please join as a member and feel free to comment on the posts.

Wishing you a centered day,
My views are mine alone and do not reflect those that I am connected to in any capacity.