Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pilot or Passenger...YOU decide.

Most would agree that we all have some negative behavioral patterns and systems that have been downloaded from our primary care givers to us in our formative years.  In many cases we've become automatic, operating on a familiar reactionary cycle of behaviors and habits without awareness that there is a different way of living our lives.  Research has shown that 95% of our behaviors and core beliefs are part of our pre programmed infrastructure which places us on an auto pilot of sorts, but on who's plane?  Rarely do we bare witness to these behavior patterns which ultimately keeps us in a reactionary cycle.  If an individual does happen to get a glimpse of their ground hog like "flight" pattern, our ego steps in the way in hopes to prevent any changes because our ego likes things just the way they are.  (That's a whole other story...and one for another article.)
Recognition that you have conducted yourself on the download of other people's beliefs is a first step toward awareness and provides an opportunity to change the pre programmed patterns that can cause chaos and stress in one's home and work life.  More importantly it offers up the notion to forgive yourself and those that you have daily interactions with who seemingly operate under the similar invisible behavioral programs that have been passed on to them.

If you desire a new way of operating, a new flight pattern, where confidence and peace replaces confusion and lack of self acceptance, where indecisiveness is replaced by conviction:  you owe it to yourself to connect with the inner core of who you are.  You deserve to explore your options with a partner whom you can trust to help you hold yourself accountable and assist you with creating a new life story of who you want to be and how you want to live your life.

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