Monday, February 6, 2012

Choosing our life partner.

"We choose our partner, many times unconsciously, who is perfectly suited for us, based on our image that we have created from all of our experiences from childhood. These partners have the unique ability to heal our childhood wounds. They have qualities that are similar to the positive and negative qualities of our original caretakers, and cleverly, we have chosen them because they hold the special characteristics that, when combined with our own personality traits, will help us to finish ALL of our unfinished business from childhood." Tammy Nelson L.P.C.
The same partner that ultimately can help heal old wounds, also have the uncanny ability to poke us in vulnerable places like no one else can.  That is why relationships seem like such hard work and why they feel so painful.
If you are in a painful cycle stop:

  • withdrawing &/or attacking your partner
  • Understand that there is a reason or belief that makes both of you react and trigger each other
  • Get out of the power struggles
  • Stop trying to control your partner and environment 
  • Take time to figure out how to get your needs met  
  • Figure out who you are, who you want to be 
  • Be grateful, for then miracles will happen in the most profound ways


~Pamela Horton

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