Friday, May 27, 2011

Why I wanted to blog.

My name is Pamela Horton.  I am a straightforward, no nonsense, very creative and persistent woman, wife and mother.  I practice being the best person I can be on a daily basis.   Sometimes I excel at it.  Other times I bomb at it.  This post is to provide you with a snippet of why I want to blog in a world where it seems that everyone has a blog and is an author &/or a motivational speaker.  I feel compelled to share tidbits of what I've learned along the road of life with respect to personal development.

I want to blog because I see so many people separated from who they really are.   Many people seem to no longer hear their inner voice.  One's inner voice is what can keep a person on the tracks of joy and bliss.  It is this disconnection that I am passionately driven to offer examples on how to listen to your gut instinct and to act on it.  It is my belief that without a connection to your inner core, you can experience more grief and unhappiness which develops into painful patterns.  I want to help people shed these painful patterns.   I teach a combination of smoking cessation and lifestyle classes to the employees of CT employers.  Much to my pleasurable surprise, the participants and I connect on a pure and unmasked level.  I find the classes incredibly satisfying and inspirational, especially when I think of the rare and meaningful moments, the moments when someone has an A Ha, clarifying realization.  My heart warms when I can actually feel their relief and witness birth to their mini break throughs.  I think authoring my own blog is a perfect arena for me to journal and share inspirational food for thought.  It helps me determine whether I imagine my passion and ability to inspire others or if it is real.  If it is real, what are my next steps?
I am a woman who has experience in matters of freeing myself from the shackles of what some identify baggage, painful baggage.  My hope is to influence an individual with whom I would not normally have the opportunity to “meet” if it weren’t for this venue.  I wish to inspire someone who is ready, much in the same way I was, to stop defending against perceived attacks, deflecting the truth of a matter and dismissing the real YOU.  I want to be of service to and surround myself with those who seek a truthful, loving, peaceful, joyous and the best possible life experience.  I am ready when YOU are.

 I am so looking forward to sharing with and learning about YOU.  Please join as a member and feel free to comment on the posts.

Wishing you a centered day,
My views are mine alone and do not reflect those that I am connected to in any capacity.

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