Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Not being you and not connecting with yourself puts a mental drain on your body and mind." ~Serena Horton, 14

This was written by my daughter, Serena Horton, 14.  I was impressed with her message and asked if I could share her opinion on my blog.  I am happy that she said yes.

No one is ever “perfect.”  I recently discovered that magazines take a model’s face with no makeup and completely do all the makeup on a photoshop download for computers.  It is fake, deceiving, and  unnatural.  “Regular people” look up to those pictures that professionals photoshop and want to be just as beautiful.  In reality, no one could ever be flawless like that.

Young girls are always looking at magazines such as VogueU.S. Weekly, and People.  All they see is the pretty face on the cover.  Girls are worried about their looks 99% of the time.   It brings their confidence down when they see a picture of a girl about their age with no pimples or blemishes.  Once girls see these “perfect” pictures, they try making themselves look this “perfect” by putting on more makeup, getting their eyebrows waxed, and wearing designer brand clothes. Those girls that are putting on a fake mask from who they really are, are the loneliest and saddest of them all because their not happy with how they look. 

Not being you and not connecting with yourself puts a mental drain on your body and mind. Everyone is beautiful in their own special way, no one is “perfect” and girls need to understand that.  Before, when I didn’t realize the magazine photos were fake, I looked up to those “perfect” photos and always wanted to be as pretty as them.  Now, I see that the model’s the magazines use are normal people that do have flaws about them.  

I researched on Youtube how they photo shop the girls faces.  First, they take a “normal” girl’s face and blur the whole thing so there are no blemishes showing. Then, they put the eye shadow on with different shades and colors.  To finish the face they even change the eye color so it is a light blue or a sea green.  It is all fake and deceiving.  It is unfair for girls to look up to these photos if they aren’t even real. The beauty industry is doing a disservice to us a nation with a “perfect” image that no one can comply with. I am definitely not looking up to any magazine models anymore.  I love the way I am and you should too!  ~Serena Horton


  1. I am amazed that they will photo shop the girls eye color, nevermind the bodies! I never knew that, what's wrong with brown eyes anyway?! Serena, you write with a lot of wisdom and knowing who you are and I think we should just appreciate magazine images for the art and entertainment they are and understand they are not representing reality!

  2. That is some beautiful wisdom to have gained early in life! It makes our lives happier when we can love who we are and appreciate who others are; the real 'me' and the real 'you'. After all, our real life can't be photo-shopped!